African Goddesses

I recently saw a tv programme about Divine Women, ~ in other words, goddesses.  Nowhere did I see any of the African goddesses.  Books rarely portray ancient African goddesses,yet they were there from the beginning. Why are these goddesses ( and the gods) shunted out of sight?


I am Born Supreme; the Wisdom of the African Goddess is Legendary.

The African Continent has a vast array of deities who are just as important as the Greek, Roman and other goddesses, if not more so, as many of these new deities have developed out of the myths of the Ancient Africans.

I think it’s time to bring them to the fore.

I also think that there are many women who would fit the bill as a goddess.  I call these women, MODERN BLACK GODDESSES.  Think of  the young women in the media today, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and they fit right into the form of the goddess.  They have many of the attributes of the goddess.

I have found a group of women, who I think slip right into the mold of the ancient African goddesses.

Who do you think they might be and who would you call a goodess? Please share!


By razzielle

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