A Goddess in the making

Yesterday I saw a young goddess in action.  She cut through the bull and told our threatener, – ‘don’t you try to bully my mother. Leave her alone and in the future you deal with me’.  My daughter, Izzy Veron, was fearless at a time when I had no other support.  Throughout her life and she is now 21, I have fought to give her the best and she has regarded me as both mother and father. Even when she was a young child, I have trusted her judgement because she has often read a situation or a person really well and made a right decision.  If there was an issue, I would put the choices, with my preference and the consequences of the decision to her and she has often made very good choices. So, I have often allowed her to make her own decisions, using me as back up. I have seen her grow into a mature and independent young woman, whose goddess qualities are developing nicely.

Do you know any Goddesses in the making? Give her a mention now!

An unbalanced world cast our goddesses aside.  But our Ancient African goddesses live on!

‘Modern Black Goddesses’


By razzielle

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