About Modern Black Goddesses

I love reading the myths about the gods and goddesses from around the world.  They are portrayed as strong and powerful and they run the world and their lives exactly as they see fit.  Yet, I rarely see images or films about the ancient African gods and goddesses.  Of course,we hear a lot about the Egyptian gods and  films portray them as exotic and fantastically beautiful. I can never believe in what I see though,because, I find it difficult to believe that the pictures painted by the Egyptians themselves are lying.  why would they paint themselves as black, dark brown or ochre if that wasn’t the colour of their skin?  Plus, African hair is the only hair of it’s kind in the world, why would they wear wigs which look like locs? No other race of people can loc  their hair to look like the Egyptians, except Africans. Another thing, Egypt is in Africa.

I have begun a journey into the realm of the African Ancient gods and goddesses. I will find them and post them here. I will also find modern black people from all over the world who I think have the qualities of gods and goddesses and post them here.

I hope that you will join me.




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