A Goddess in the making

Yesterday I saw a young goddess in action.  She cut through the bull and told our threatener, – ‘don’t you try to bully my mother. Leave her alone and in the future you deal with me’.  My daughter, Izzy Veron, was fearless at a time when I had no other support.  Throughout her life and she is now 21, I have fought to give her the best and she has regarded me as both mother and father. Even when she was a young child, I have trusted her judgement because she has often read a situation or a person really well and made a right decision.  If there was an issue, I would put the choices, with my preference and the consequences of the decision to her and she has often made very good choices. So, I have often allowed her to make her own decisions, using me as back up. I have seen her grow into a mature and independent young woman, whose goddess qualities are developing nicely.

Do you know any Goddesses in the making? Give her a mention now!

An unbalanced world cast our goddesses aside.  But our Ancient African goddesses live on!

‘Modern Black Goddesses’


By razzielle

Fight for change


Throughout history, black women have been at the forefront of changes in all our lives. Yet, our images are rarely ever to be seen when this history is being relayed.


From Africa to the new lands, for hundreds of years, black women have fought hard to keep our family together. They have fought to change the brutal regimes under which they lived.  During the crossing, some even sacrificed themselves and their child rather than bear slavery.


In Africa, it is still the women who are at the forefront of change.

Leymah Gbowee, is one of those women who took a stance and helped to bring about changes in her country, Liberia.

In 2011, Leymah Roberta Gbowee was awarded Nobel Peace Prize. She is a founding member and former coordinator of the Women in Peacebuilding Program/West African Network for Peacebuilding.  The award served to highlight Ms. Gbowee’s work in mobilizing women across ethnic and religious divides to end the decade-long Liberian civil war. Ms Gbowee is the executive director of the Women Peace and Security Network Africa, based in Accra, Ghana.


She follows in the tradition of our black goddesses, but which one?


Share your thoughts!

By razzielle

African Goddesses

I recently saw a tv programme about Divine Women, ~ in other words, goddesses.  Nowhere did I see any of the African goddesses.  Books rarely portray ancient African goddesses,yet they were there from the beginning. Why are these goddesses ( and the gods) shunted out of sight?


I am Born Supreme; the Wisdom of the African Goddess is Legendary.

The African Continent has a vast array of deities who are just as important as the Greek, Roman and other goddesses, if not more so, as many of these new deities have developed out of the myths of the Ancient Africans.

I think it’s time to bring them to the fore.

I also think that there are many women who would fit the bill as a goddess.  I call these women, MODERN BLACK GODDESSES.  Think of  the young women in the media today, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and they fit right into the form of the goddess.  They have many of the attributes of the goddess.

I have found a group of women, who I think slip right into the mold of the ancient African goddesses.

Who do you think they might be and who would you call a goodess? Please share!


By razzielle